Stable Coinsbacked by Hard Assets

Tokenization of tangible assets has just begun.

You own the private key, you own the asset. Our ERC-20 tokens let you cryptographically prove and exchange co-ownership rights to the most prestigious collection of fine wines, high-end gemstones and classic cars ever reunited in the world. Hard Asset Revolving ICOs represent a revolutionary approach to democratizing investments in illiquid and non-fungible masterpieces.

We believe that the most beautiful things in this world should belong to everyone and not just a few beautiful rich people.”

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One powerful conceptThree revolutionary tokens


The WINE Collection will primarily include the greatest, and most hard to find wines from producers in Burgundy, Bordeaux, and Piedmont, but also lesser-known-however-exceptional quality vintages, together with a number of rare spirits – some of which are no longer being produced.
Walking through the WINE Collection will be like visiting the most exclusive vineyards in the world, as well as exotic forays to distilleries in Japan and the Scottish Highlands.


As a niche asset class, high-end gemstones are plagued by significant entry barriers such as the expertise required to acquire an investment-grade stone, the challenge of secure storage, the lack of liquidity and the important opportunity cost.
With an ecosystem encompassing dedicated jewelry specialists, state-of-the-art storage facilities and Swiss-based supervised entities, the GEM ICO will smoothly remove those barriers, opening this glittering market to everyone.


The price of collectible classic cars has more than quadrupled over the past ten years. Authenticity, scarcity and ultimately the legend surrounding unique pieces are the primary value drivers in this market. The CAR ICO is opening mainstream access to this exclusive asset class, enabling investors not only to diversify their portfolio but also to hedge their risk against financial market instability.

Tokenizing a 250 GTO Ferrari is now a reality.

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Smooth solutionsto a tricky problem


Our technical yellow paper describes an innovative on-blockchain tokenization and notarization approach; this semi-decentralized framework turns non-fungible hard assets into granular tokens, bringing you the world’s most glamourous valuables on a silver platter.

Hitting two birds with one stone, we thereby solve the lack of transparent and credible stable coin in the crypto market.


Investing in luxury hard assets is very, very expensive. As our ERC-20 tokens are divisible to the 18th decimal, investors can smoothly co-own a legendary collection of precious gemstones or exceptional vintage cars. For a few dollars, token holders get an exposure to a diversified portfolio of prestigious assets. The ICOs asset tokens will be listed on open and accessible platforms. Buying and selling fractions of those assets will be quick and easy at last, opening these investment classes to almost everyone.


While the market of luxury assets is known to be extremely exclusive, onvolving secretive networks, the Ethereum blockchain offers a panoptical environment providing complete transparency around the token ecosystem:

* Disintermediation through peer-to-peer exchange

* Public and audited smart contract governing the ICO economics

* Public ERC-20 token ledger resulting in 100% traceable transactions

* Full disclosure relating to the hard assets collections through notarization on the blockchain and IPFS.

Transparency empowers market efficiency and facilitates price discovery.


For the first time since barter was a thing, exchanging property in luxury  tangible assets is possible outside of the banking framework. With Digital Ledger Technology comes the advent of cryptographically-proved ownership. Assets do not need to be securitized in a hedge fund or through a complex financial instrument. While our tokens embed direct co-ownership rights, the custody of assets is taken care of by state-of-the art facilities which comply with the highest security standards.


Trading luxury hard assets such as fine wines, high-end gemstones and collectible cars requires knowledge and experience, both of which don’t come overnight. WINE, GEM and CAR partnered with worldwide-renowned advisors so the whole community benefits from their dedicated expertise and their extensive networks. Our experts and collection managers will travel the world, constantly monitor the market and connect with the relevant dealers to reunite the most rare and magnificent pieces. Private advisory in niche assets has never been that accessible.

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Altcoinomy SA is a Swiss-based supervised financial intermediary specialized in cryptocurrency services. As a hard asset ICO structurer, we put together the most leading-edge competences to simultaneously launch three ICOs which comply with the most stringent best practices and regulatory frameworks.

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Altcoinomy’s core business is to provide financial services related to cryptocurrencies, drawing on a solid network of business relationships. Our activities are focused on institutional trades, substantial cash outs and complex crypto KYC’s. In the context of the Hard Asset Revolving ICOs, Altcoinomy will be in charge of screening and onboarding investors in accordance with strict anti-money laundering rules. The company will also administer the smart contract, overview notarization of the documentation related to the acquisition of the hard assets and handle the conversion of cryptocurrencies into official currencies and vice versa.


Hard Asset Revolving ICOs endeavor to comply with the applicable regulatory framework. Our investors will be exclusively onboarded following an AML screening. Our onboarding platform is a state-of-the-art tool which enables a smooth onboarding process even for far-away investors. The Hard Asset Revolving ICOs concept was presented both to external lawyers and the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA. At Altcoinomy, compliance is a not only a priority, it’s a prerequisite.


Hard Asset Revolving ICOs are not projects, like other ICOs, with complicated roadmaps requiring months of implementation. The conception and execution phases were 100% financed by our Business Angel, the renowned Formula 1 racer Romain Grosjean. Thus, WINE, GEM and CAR ecosystems are ready to function from day one and the acquisition of the tangible hard assets will start immediately following the crowdsale.


Hard Asset Revolving ICOs were conceived based on best practices at every step. 99% of the tokens will be distributed to the public. Full transparency is ensured based on a revolutionary use of the notarization function. Only 10% of the raised funds will be segregated to ensure the sustainability of the ecosystems. In this respect, we are deeply honored to act as a special consultant to the Canton of Geneva to establish professional standards applicable to ICOs. We did not do things by the book, we wrote the book.

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How toparticipate?


If you already have an Ethereum wallet, skip to step 2. Otherwise, create your Ethereum wallet to store your tokens! Simply follow the instructions in this document. In case you need technical assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us (


Clicking on the « Participate » button will lead you to our ICO onboarding platform where you’ll be asked to complete a brief « Know Your Customer » process. We strive to comply with applicable anti-money laundering requirements and therefore invite all investors to take part in our AML screening. This will also offer you a faster access to future ICOs that Altcoinomy will host as a KYC operator.


Unlike most ICOs, we accept a large range of cryptocurrencies as well as Fiat (USD/CHF/EUR)! Please meet our unique Tier system. Each of our ICOs has a soft cap. If this soft cap is not reached during the fundraising period, we will send your investment back.


Once the crowdsale is completed, you will receive your tokens directly on the Ethereum address you provided us with.



Not so hard, is it?  ^=^

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The advisors


Originating from Bretagne, it is here where Eric began his career in 1978, from apprentice to clerk cook in 1981. Following the advice of the famous Olivier Roellinger, he develops his expertise in the field of wine and has since obtained many prestigious awards as sommelier including the World’s Best Sommelier - Silver Medal as well as the honorable title of “Chevalier de l’ordre du Mérite Agricole”. Since 1999 he has been the director of the famous restaurant “Le Cinq” which is part of the Four Seasons Hotel George V where Eric has established an exceptional cellar including a collection of over 50’000 bottles of wine.


Eric graduated at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in Los Angeles in 1981 and developed his professional career at Christie’s in Geneva and Bulgari. Always passionate about gems and jewellery, it is certainly no coincidence that since 2010 Eric Valdieu has been at the helm of Valdieu Fine Arts, with 35 years of international experience in the field. With a great taste for design and beauty he understands all too well the value that gemstones convey and brings precious insights and experience into jewellery valuation.


Tiziano is one of the leading sellers and collectors of vintage cars in Switzerland. His passion for collector cars owes in part to his family – his father had a particular fondness for Ferraris. Success in this field was not foreordained, however, as Tiziano started out working in the kitchen of his parents’ restaurant. However, a little over 30 years ago, he decided to turn his passion into his career by launching his car business. Tiziano has become a Ferrari specialist, but he nonetheless appreciates classic cars of all makes and eras.
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The team


Chairman of the Board




Chief Technology Officer


Business Manager & Legal Advisor


Head ICO onboarding


Business Development Coordinator

Romain Grosjean

Business Angel


June 7, 2018 Altcoinomy FINMA ruling
To be confirmed Private sale starts
To be confirmed Crowdsale starts
To be confirmed End of the crowdsale
To be confirmed Acquisition of the hard assets starts
To be confirmed Minting of the tokens
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June 7, 2018 Altcoinomy FINMA ruling
To be confirmed Private sale starts
To be confirmed Crowdsale starts
To be confirmed End of the crowdsale
To be confirmed Acquisition of the hard assets starts
To be confirmed Minting of the tokens
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June 7, 2018 Altcoinomy FINMA ruling
To be confirmed Private sale starts
To be confirmed Crowdsale starts
To be confirmed End of the crowdsale
To be confirmed Acquisition of the hard assets starts
To be confirmed Minting of the tokens
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